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Eckhart asks, “Could we live in a different way that does not generate this continuous stress? Does it have to be like that?”

About This Lesson from "Presence in the Family"

Bill and Jane are so absorbed in their own thought processes that they do not acknowledge Milton. He is not being heard when he mentions his speech. This problem is reinforced by his parents constantly being ‘plugged in’ to their smart phones. Unconscious Living happens when all of your consciousness, all of your awareness is absorbed by your thought processes. When you are completely identified with your thought processes, you are living unconsciously.

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  • Liberation from reactivity, and instead a place of freedom from which you can calmly respond to whatever situation is taking place before you.
  • A sense of empowering detachment from your thoughts, a sense of being deeply grounded in your true nature, one of pure consciousness.
  • Deeper, more meaningful relationships with your children and grandchildren as you’re able to understand and cater to the needs that they’re unable to fully express.
  • A better relationship with your partner, as your family life is less characterised by chaos and stress and more by presence and happiness.
  • The joy of being fully present with your family and enjoying the blissful sense of connection and love that comes when you are fully conscious in the moment.

Conscious Family Teachings

Featuring exclusive filmed teachings from author and spiritual leader, Eckhart Tolle. The companion guides were created to introduce consciousness to families and include discussion questions and activities to help families manage and reduce stress, build awareness of thoughts and integrate presence, stillness and ceremonies into day-to-day family life.

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