Conscious Family Teachings

Mindful World brings you the following companion guides and books related to the family feature film, Milton's Secret. Our wish is to bring Eckhart Tolle's teachings to a family audience, so you and your family can experience the benefits of living a more conscious life together.

Escape Planet Fear

An exclusive companion guide from the film, Milton's Secret, featuring filmed teachings by Eckhart Tolle. Now, you and your family can watch the movie, then access the companion teachings, discussion questions and family activities to reinforce your learning experience. Great for stress management and reduction.

Presence In The Family

Presence in the Family features new conscious parenting teachings by Eckhart Tolle combined with interactive discussions and activities for you and your family. A great resource to help you practice presence, forgiveness and compassion in your family.

Conscious Family Bundle

With the Conscious Family Bundle, you get both companion guides - Escape Planet Fear & Presence in the Family -  at a substantial discount. If you or your family members are struggling through stress and unhappiness, then help is on it's way. Purchase our Conscious Family Bundle today!  

Milton’s Secret - The Movie

Twelve-year-old Milton Adams (William Ainscough) feels his world is in crisis. With his parents (Mia Kirshner & David Sutcliffe) stressing about their careers and finances, and the neighborhood bully (Percy Hynes-White) tormenting him, he is constantly anxious. But when Milton’s optimistic Grandpa (Donald Sutherland) comes to visit, he learns the secret to finding true happiness from a man who has seen the world and who has committed to living life in the ‘now’.

Milton’s Secret - The Novel

Based on the film, Milton's Secret, this novelized version of the film explores in greater depth, Milton's life, relationships and experiences living on Planet Fear. Written by Tinker Lindsay and based on the script by Barnet Bain, Donald Martin and Sara B. Cooper.