Do you or a special young adult prefer to read books than watch movies?

Now Young Adults and Adults Alike Can Experience Milton's Secret in the Deeply Engaging Novel Format, And Enjoy The Story and It's Teachings in Their Purest And Most Unrestricted Form

Who among us has never heard a friend remark, or felt ourselves that, "the movie was great, but I preferred the book".

The truth is, while we all love movies, there is something incomparable to the experience of reading a book.

The immersion, the depth of empathy with the characters, and the engagement with the narrative... still today, despite all the visual effects and technology of the 21st century, reigns supreme.

Movies inspire, but books change lives.

And for a story with as much depth as Milton's Secret, many of us will want to refer back to a written copy to really deepen our understanding and notice the subtle lessons contained within each scene.

As our mission is to take mindful practices to the masses, we were careful not to ignore the powerful medium of fiction novels, especially as they are so deeply loved by young adults all over the world. In this changing, fast paced world, young adults in particular need to learn the lessons of mindfulness and the power of now.

And so, we're proud to offer you, Milton's Secret: The Novelization.


In the novelization we were able to tell an even richer story, with no restrictions on length and other constraints that accompany the medium of film. So you and your young adult reader will experience an even more compelling, engaging and personal experience of this story's teachings, during this critical development stage in their life.

We hired the world renowned script writer and author, Tinker Lindsay, to deliver this novelization, due to her extensive experience and brilliant mastery of storytelling.

Just like Milton's Secret the film, the novelization is designed to subtly convey teachings of Mindfulness, as Tinker has experience as a creative consultant for blockbuster films such as Hannah Montana from Walt Disney Studios and co-authoring experience with Gay Hendricks.

So you can be assured, that you and your young adult reader will experience and learn the important lessons of Eckhart without feeling as though they are being forced on them.

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Milton's Secret: The Novelization


In this book you will:

  • Experience the purest experience of Eckhart’s teachings available with special scenes and plot lines that never made it to the movie.
  • Enjoy the story through the immersive, intimate medium of a well written fiction novel.
  • Relive specific scenes at your convenience by simply by skimming through your novel.
  • Mark, note, and highlight lessons for further reference.
  • Add this wonderful story to your bookshelf for others to find and benefit from.


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Milton's Secret - The Novel (eBook)

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